Chef Solitaire: Usa Tripeaks

Chef Solitaire: Usa Tripeaks

Chef Solitaire: Usa Tripeaks

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Chef Solitaire:USA Trailer

MS Solitaire Collection - Daily challenge a Medium TriPeaks card game.

Arcade Solitaire 2 by Endloop

Play Chef Solitaire USA TriPeaks and put your chef hat on!

Open your very own restaurant and make it a scrumptious success. Enjoy TriPeaks solitaire to your heart's content and bring your hamburger baking skills to perfection. The stars you earn will open up new opportunities all around the USA. Cook up a solitaire feast with Chef Solitaire - USA today!

* Build a solitaire fuelled restaurant empire in the USA
* Buy useful kitchen helpers with your well-deserved solitaire dollars
* Play finger-licking fun mini-game and Solitaire TriPeaks

The object of Chef Solitaire TriPeaks is to clear all of the cards from the three peaks. Just touch on the cards that are one higher or lower than the foundation card. If you run out of moves, turn over a new card from the deck. You earn points for each card you place on the foundation card and extra points for clearing each of the peaks.

* Added option to disable the Burger Run mini-game
* Various fixes
* Updated to the latest Android SDK
* Interstitial Ads now show after every second round
* Fixed a couple of bugs
* Fixed Turkish language bug
* More debugging statements to help find a strange startup bug on some devices
* Added debug statements to help find a strange bug
* Bug fixes